Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Knew I Was Forgetting Something

Rocket fuel.

Why is it that I forgot the thing I need the most?

I can't believe I posted "oh, rocket science is easy, you guys"...and then forgot the thing what makes the rockets go.

I am seriously the fifth or sixth worst villain ever.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yes, It Is Rocket Science

Rocket Science is actually easier than the hype.

Oh, it's still hard, but I know a lot of the basics. Really, if you've built missiles and plasma engines and hovercrafts, you can build a space shuttle.

Gonna need to steal a few new parts, but all in all, I should be ready soon.

If I can stop playing Hypno Bubble 2, that is.

Oh, also? Totally freaking called it. If you're local, you already know about it, but for everyone else, there's a new villain in town calling himself Wasteland, and he seems to have some weird life-destroying aura. Not really sure how it works. Haven't been able to get a hold of him to ask, since after his first fight with Quizzer, he "died". It's amazing how many villains "die" after their first fight with a hero. And don't leave a body. Sure he'll be back in a few months.

Don't know what he agenda is, if he has one. Press is actually pretty quiet about the whole thing.

They still haven't found that ship that went missing when the island came back into temporal space. Knowing his luck, it'll probably fall on an orphanage while Quizzer's taking a final.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Calling It

So it was in the news today that all of the plants in a few parks in town have spontaneously withered and died. Also, a few people nearby were found liquefied. Just some sludge and some bones.

New villain in town.

Calling it now.

Wow, and Quizzer just got finished thwarting Wailing Kate's plan to steal/kidnap that High School play, too. Sometimes it feels like some cosmic force really, really hates superheroes.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

This world is really screwed up

You might have missed it, but apparently DC sued Dr. Fate over his/her name. S/he needs to call his/herself "Dr. Fate, RD" from now on. The RD is apparently for "Reality Doctor".

...Do I even need to say why this is screwed up? A real superhero was sued for having the same name as a fictional character. One s/he doesn't even look like! Hell, I'm pretty sure comic book Dr. Fate's a bad guy, but I'm too lazy to look it up.

In other super-hero news, it looks like there's another would-be hero in Avalon. Heh. Wonder how long this one'll last. Pretty sure Lock and Load are already setting up a death pool.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hypno Bubble 2

I didn't even realize there was a Hypno Bubble 2, but looking around online I managed to find a torrent of it. It's even flashier than the last one.

Been playing it, um, a couple days now. Hex thinks I have a problem. I can quit anytime I want.

I just, um, don't want to.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I really should stop playing Hypno Bubble and get to villainy already.

Anyway, I was looking around the internet--something else I should stop doing and get back to the plan--you know, just trying to find what I missed from the rest of the world in the past like nine months--which, given the internet, is the equivalent of having to sift through the Library of Alexandria, and found this thing called the Fear Mythos. It's pretty cool! Kind of like the Slender Man expanded universe or something.

It looks like the girl who does that apocalypse blog I linked to a while back's doing one too, so that's cool. You'd think she'd give her characters new names or something.

I love things like this, though I always have to wonder how fake it is, really. This would be a lot easier if we didn't, you know, live in a land of super-science and magic already. I'd outright disregard them entirely, but ever since that Zelda cartridge killed all those people I try to never be too skeptical.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Hate Time Travel

You know how my last blog post was the entire year ago?

Remember how New Vineyard just kind of disappeared about the same time?

Well, from my perspective, and the perspective of the entire freaking city, that was yesterday, and the whole island just got shunted forward from April to December.

I hate time travel. I really hate time travel.

People are looking into it right now, but mostly I want to make sure everything important is accounted for, like my computer.

Oh also my girlfriend and my daughter. ...probably should have looked for them first.

I hear that a Navy ship was at the location of the island at the same time it time-shifted back. That's kind of cool. Well, I mean, it sucks for them, but what were they expecting naming yet another ship the USS Cyclops, anyway? It's just asking for trouble.

Anyway, I'm back!

...even though from my perspective I never left.

Fucking time travel.